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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Feb 18, 2020

All the juicy trends straight from the stars and into Danielle’s mouth.

Discover everything you need to know and then some this Pisces season as Danielle gives you the cosmic low-down on the upcoming trends including Mercury Retrograde + Planetary aspects.

Sun in Pisces until 3/20/2020

New Moon Pisces- 2/23/2020

Full Moon Virgo - 3/9/2020

Mercury Retrograde Pisces 2/17-3/4 and Aquarius 3/4-3/9/2020

Jupiter Sextile Neptune - 2/20/2020

Venus Square Saturn - 3/3/2020

For the full load down, catch Star Slander every month on the podcast and for even more IRL attention, book an Astrology session and we’ll jam on everything your soul intended for you on this wild journey called your life.

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