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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Oct 31, 2018

Does it feel like everything in your life is totally out of hand? Are you constantly apologizing when it feels like you did nothing wrong or that no one really cares?

When we don't set proper boundaries, it can easily feel like you aren't a priority and you've lost all control. Just because you care doesn't mean you have to be a doormat...

This episode explores the way a lack of boundaries creeps into our lives and how to create a better relationship with yourself and the areas that misaligned.

Danielle shares her personal moments of understanding boundaries plus the ways to you can put yourself first without putting others down. You'll learn the art of creating more even exchanges in your relationships as well as how to exercise your boundaries on a regular basis.

This is for anyone that feels like boundaries don't work or you'll never get time for yourself.

Empower yourself to create space and tune into this riveting episode!