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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Nov 8, 2019

Join Danielle for the 11/11 Ascension Portal workshop!

This virtual experience will allow you to evoke the energy of 11/11 to transform, grow, and shift into deeper awareness, expansion, and return of what you want out of life. It will also create an energetic gateway into the Full Moon in Taurus to release lingering fears and promote balance + courage.


Literally see 11:11 or 3:33 every time you look at your phone? Always see a license plate ending in 222 when you’re driving? Battery always at 55%? Coffee shop bill always coming up $4.44?

Ever stopped to wonder WHY? Maybe you’ve heard this means you should make a wish or the universe is speaking to you…maybe you know it’s special, but aren’t sure for what specific reason?

It’s time that you understand the magic of these signs. It’s more than a number…it’s a symbol and a dynamic portal for accelerated opportunity, manifestation, and love + light frequencies.

Throughout this episode:

  • Learn what each number 1 through 9 means
  • Why you see them in on a reoccurring basis
  • How you go through phases with certain numbers
  • How the Universe communicates with you
  • The meaning when certain numbers pair together
  • How to use numbers to manifest and create an energetic signature in what you put out into the world

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