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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Apr 27, 2018

More girl on girl action ensues this week with Lindsey Rae! In this episode, Danielle & Lindsey explore the ways you may be stunting your personal growth and holding back from becoming the most authentic version of yourself.

You'll learn how to embrace the freedom of uncertainty, the true meaning of a miracle, and how not to fall into the "know it all" guru trap. Plus stay till the end to the play the "can I be allergic to this?" game!

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Lindsey Rae at her core is a true seeker and cheerleader of emotional depth. An ever-evolving student and teacher who's compassionately driven journey to healing her own trauma led to a dynamic career in design, personal development, and wellness all through a spiritual lense. 

Combining years of interpersonal-organizational management and creative visual merchandising experience with personal therapeutic endeavors, spiritual studies, and professional training in a number of holistic healing modalities, Lindsey creates a unique environment for her client's transformational healing journey. 

Offering an inspiring blend of coaching, mentoring and counseling she supports courageous humans in what she likes to call "self-directed evolution." Always encouraging spiritual practices be grounded in the human experience, her teachings are rooted firmly in the cultivation of peace, establishment of foundational love, and the education of true strength. 

She is committed to gently challenging individuals to drop beneath the surface level chaos of the self-help and wellness world to focus on the real (inner) work. Guiding them along the path and encouraging them to cultivate more depth and beauty in their life while reminding them of their collective responsibility and connection to one another.

instagram: @withlindseyrae

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instagram: @daniellemercurio #gypsyafterhours