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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Apr 16, 2018


Lissette LaRue is a psychotherapist, trauma therapist, energy therapist, past life regression therapist, hypnotherapist, coach and Kundalini yoga teacher (all the things!). Plus she's a total babe.

She combines her services when working with clients so it's like a one stop shop towards inner healing! Whether someone is working through trauma, wanting to heal their inner child or their past life, wanting to connect on a deeper level with themselves, working on letting go of addictions, wanting to enhance their relationships, wanting to increase their spiritual practice, or wanting to heal their anxieties, Lissette can help! She immerses herself into the experience to elevate your life and heal along side you.

She’s super passionate. Real. AND fun.

Check her out:

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Insta = Lissette.LaRue, FB = LissetteLaRue

Danielle gets candid about the time a faux lifeguard incident left her a hero yet also in total despair. She shares about how saving a women in her pool complex didn't leave her with the warm and fuzzies but deep in a place of anxiety, confusion, and grasping outside of herself to numb the pain. You'll discover how our traumas our triggered, as well as how to not mismanage your pain through sabotage, addictive behavior, and isolation. She also shares her experience with the help of Lissette LaRue, who got her out of her anxious state and also allowed her to witness the inner child that was still holding onto abandonment issues.

This episode is an honest look at the human psyche and how not to settle for less than you deserve when you truly need help.


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