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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Nov 30, 2018

Get ready to pump up the self love as Danielle jams out with Spiritual Fitness leader Patricia Moreno!

Listen on for a profound conversation around self love in action, body + self shame, and the ways we overcomplicate our personal growth.

Discover how not to get caught up in the external noise of the digital age and stay on track with your goals and understanding how to tune in and stay within so you don't go without.

Patricia is the creator of intenSati + Sati365 and inspires through powerful, positive spoken affirmation while engaging in heart-pumping, state-shifting cardio.

She is on a mission tear down the body-shaming self-objectifying thin-ideal norms, and show what self love in action truly looks and feels like.

Learn more:

Instagram: @patriciamoreno33