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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Dec 17, 2018

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Danielle goes solo to share why she believes women should be getting way more than they bargain for in the bedroom - that is, multiple orgasms.

Often a myth among women and rarely discussed, achieving orgasms should be tapped in, fun, and expansive. This episode explores the explosive ways you can go within to gush it out...

Learn how to create an exchange with your sexual partners for communication and trust, how to use masturbation to increase your libido, plus how to get out of your head and more into your flow.

Discover how people pleaser tendencies may get in the way of your buzz or why performer syndrome holds you back. Lastly, understand how to listen to your body and fully own the space you take in the bedroom.

Bonus: Learn about the moment D got some D for the first time... 

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