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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Jun 17, 2018

In the mood for some organic fare tonight? Danielle totally delivers with this girl-on-girl interview with Jamie Graber aka Organically, Jamie - Mind Shifter + Energy Mover.
Throughout the discussion you'll learn about Jamie's journey to discover her deepest self; starting with the tortured relationship with her body + food and the dark thoughts that limited her existence to eventually from switching her business major to philosophy, moving to LA, finding Yoga and circling back to NYC to open a plant-based cleansing cafe that she never really wanted to run.
Jamie's honest perspective on life and realness will shake you to your organic core and connect you to the place inside of you that's ready to let go of false exceptions and find meaning in what could be.
While it may not be orgasmic, this episode is organic, raw, and will totally have you lusting for your life.
Learn more:
Instagram @organicallyjamie