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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Mar 28, 2018

Danielle gabs with her girl Casey on the myth of work-life balance, how to not hold a guilt-complex over your brand reputation, plus their multiple run-ins with Britney Spears + Josh Duhamel.
Casey Van Zandt is uber-committed to helping successful Entrepreneurs scale their businesses, banish burnout, and balance their work and life.
Casey climbed the corporate ladder for 13 years and was completely obsessed and addicted to her career. She’s an ex-corporate executive, and recovering workaholic turned balanced entrepreneur.
She believes that when you experience new success, although no easy task, that is just one step of many and isn’t even always the hardest step. She helps successful entrepreneurs maintain their success and scale their businesses for the long haul, so they still like their business and want to show up for it 3, 5, 10, 20 years from now. 
Success is the short game balance is the long game. 
She’s the queen of work-life balance and loves introducing balance to successful entrepreneurs lives. Once you go balance you never go back. 
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