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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Jan 15, 2019

Danielle openly shares about her rock bottom moment in 2009 that led her to a more aligned path of Spirituality and Wellness. She also uncovers how her Saturn Return helped with this path and how it may do the same for you.

From Danielle:

Before 2009, my life felt like a giant dead end and I had no clue if it would ever change.

I tried to act normal. I did my best to pretend that I had it all together and was just moving along society’s timeline.

Yet whenever I thought about the future, it looked dark. It scared me. I’d reach for things outside of me to escape and distract myself from reality because facing it was just too difficult.

I’d pray to God for things to get clearer yet they only seemed to get worse.

I had never meditated before. I had no idea how to enhance my intuition or access this thing called mindfulness. I bailed on countless therapists and couldn’t stick to any goal long term.

My form of self care was a bottle of wine and Ben & Jerry’s along with the latest Netflix dvd that arrived in the mail.

I wondered if this was it.

That all life held for me was the momentum of just getting by. Settling. Day in and day out.

Everyone else seemed to have it figured out except me. I did my best to try to acknowledge this fate but there was a part of me deep down that felt like maybe there could be more...

Little did I know the turn my existence would take by the Fall of that year and that life would honestly never be the same again.

The before photo was taken a couple months before my Saturn return when the universe dropped me to my knees to get on a path that would one day be my calling...

And the rest is herstory.

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