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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Mar 31, 2018

Join Danielle for another dose of girl-on-girl action with the fun-loving Maru Iabichela. They jam out on how to open up to receive even when everything around you seems to have fallen apart, how to invest wisely in your business and your self-care, plus the sure fire ways to always be in flow with your standard of living.
Maru Iabichela has been called “the Queen of Expansion” for her incredibly transformative work teaching women how to open up energetically, mentally and practically so they can invite in an avalanche of blessings and unstoppable prosperity.
She’s on a mission to end self-oppression and show the world that the only true limitation to having everything you want is the limit you put on yourself.
Her flagship program Infinite Receiving has touched the lives of more than 300 Infinite Receivers who’ve used her paradigms to experience miraculous results in their lives and businesses.
She lives in a house she manifested in Dallas, Texas with her son. You can find her on and @maruiabichela

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