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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Oct 27, 2018

Join us for Mindset Rehab in Philly 11/2!

Danielle jams out with Ilia Stranko, a vibrational sound practitioner, to discuss the ways sound works with our energetic bodies and how to manage it's effects if you're noise sensitive.

You'll learn the difference between clairaudience and sound sensitive, how to protect your energy when you're feeling sensitive to people or your environment, plus the way vibrations can be a catalyst for healing.

Ilia Stranko is an an intuitive life coach, empath, public speaker, certified vibrational sound practitioner, reiki master, and licensed massage therapist, who guides modern soul-searchers along their journey.

She left a 10-year career as a social worker and went into years of deep spiritual study and emerged on a new path: to help people heal by using their energetic body as a guide.

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