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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Aug 22, 2018

In this special live recording, Danielle Mercurio takes the stage in Philadelphia for her comedy stand up + storytelling show, "Does This Make Me Look Spiritual?"

Showcasing her life as a single girl in a spiritual world, she'll share her awkward albeit hilarious rise from rock bottom and personal journey into the seamingly "well"-ness community.

Be ready for tales of Danielle's dating and bedroom faux pas, current religious + spiritual views, what it's like to a super attractor, plus outing your own secret habits + the mental games we play with unbeatable timing. The content is delivered in an interactive, comedic, and soulfully driven way.

It's off the chakras!

Side effects may include random bouts of cracking up, wild sparks of motivation, and feeling amazingly good about yourself!

"Danielle is a f*cking genius with the microphone." -Gabby Bernstein

“So much fun last night at Danielle Mercurio's Gypsy Unplugged comedy show! When your life coach/astrologer friend puts on a comedy show you basically get to spend an hour and a half laughing at yourself/the entire personal development world/spiritual community.” -Amanda Frances
To connect with Danielle for your hometown event or retreat/conference, email:
Instagram: @daniellemercurio