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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Jan 28, 2019

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Instagram is where ALL the cool kids are hanging out these days. Between stories and posts and swipe ups, it's got everything a small business, influencer, or blogger could ever need.


Jan 15, 2019

Danielle openly shares about her rock bottom moment in 2009 that led her to a more aligned path of Spirituality and Wellness. She also uncovers how her Saturn Return helped with this path and how it may do the same for you.

From Danielle:

Before 2009, my life felt like a giant dead end and I had no clue if it would ever...

Jan 1, 2019

Learn the art of meditation through one of Danielle's favorite activities!

What once started as a pickup line at a bar soon turned into a career as a Meditation teacher and guide. Danielle breaks down how she used her zen skills to meet men and further, her tips to guide them to mental nirvana.

Discover how meditation...