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The Danielle Mercurio Show

May 22, 2018

Danielle plays solo and opens up about her anxiety around travel and the life lesson's it's taught her so far.  She also explains how to discover your own spiritual assignments that lie beneath the South Node in your birth chart plus how to start to look at anxiety in a way that feels like freedom.

Throughout the...

May 15, 2018

Danielle goes in for the kill with her one night stand with Garrett Paknis.

They discuss how to tap into your own creative self, embrace your sensitivity, and set clear boundaries for the people outside your zone of genius. RAMA references his own dark night of the soul and his need to move outside the U.S. to elevate...

May 8, 2018

You finally figured out your purpose and you're super passionate about it! However, where do you go from here? How do you actually market your awesome skill set? And further, make money?

Are you running a business or just a fancy hobby?

This episode covers everything you need to know in order to promote your services...