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The Danielle Mercurio Show

Feb 27, 2018

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Feb 21, 2018

Danielle brings in Soulful Strategist Lexi D'Angelo for this girl-on-girl episode with conversation that is curated to help you look at your goals with a clear focus as well as have some fun on the side!

The two go deep on the dilemma many multi-passionate leaders face when they are so overwhelmed by their infinite...

Feb 19, 2018

Danielle is getting down and dirty to give you the best head-lines of the week. She shares her biggest turn ons and turn offs such as:

-Miami Quickie

-Solar Eclipse Confession

-Reaction to the mass shooting and lack of support

Laugh along the way and learn why it's okay to constantly evolve and let go along your journey...

Feb 12, 2018

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Danielle and Amanda make it very clear that sex + money are two of their favorite things in this girl-on-girl episode.

Money is a...

Feb 10, 2018

Star Slander: The Cosmic Lowdown

Astrology isn't just a fortune scripted in the back of the free metro next to the porno ads... it's a metaphysical tool that provides a blueprint of our human destiny as well as what we are here to learn.

It's often misunderstood and the parts that are talked about are only the masculine...